Sunday, January 22, 2006

Exercise-less week?

Hmm...looks like I just had an exercise-less week...that means I just din run, cycle, swim, play tennis or any other sports...all the walking I do (prob at least 2km/day) dun count :P

Last time I exercised was last sat when I swam at Toa Payoh...after sending my bike for servicing...hmm...or does the cycle back from TPY on Sun count as the last exercise? neh :P

My life seems to revolve ard the lab and pharmacy lately...other than the prata party at Chantel's place last sat...hehe...she stays next to a prata we got them to deliver the food over...
Anyway we met up to share our diving photos...and chop our dive logs :D
Oh ya...still haven't put up the photos...I have already selected photos I like to put up...but haven't edited them so that I can spend less time uploading...maybe will do that this CNY hols :P

Oh...and yesterday I attended the NUS centennial challenge evening dinner with the tennis team...yummy food free for us!!!

Let's hope I'll be able to attend tennis training this more raining in the evenings, pls!!!
Then I'll be gg home for CNY this thur...yippee!!!
My bro will be back from US too...double yippeee!!!



Renohtaram said...

hope u get some exercise soon :) need to get ready for the competitions in 2006 ;D

Vorlacks said...


Am I the first person to bai nian on ur blog?


here are some e-oranges. @@

tiwazz said...

pssttt penguin...

happy chinese new yr to u... :D
remeber to "ta pao" penang laksa
back for us hor.... :P