Sunday, November 19, 2006

Another Ironman inspiration!!

This is truly inspiring...

To me the most inspiring thing abt athletes who manage to complete such a feat is not so much the fact that they managed to complete it...i.e. the results...but more of the process...the amount of discipline and effort that goes into training for the event!!!
These athletes spent almost all of their non-working/sleeping/eating hours training!! Can u do that??!!

Having met Harn Wei b4 at the NUS pool...I also find him extremely humble...a trait that many truly great ppl have...think I gotta learn to be more humble if I wanna be great :P

The Straits Times

Nov 18, 2006
Kua completes 10 Ironman races in 10 straight days
By Jeanette Wang

IMAGINE swimming lengthwise across Singapore, then cycling up to Chiang Mai and finally running back south to Bangkok.

AMAZING FEAT: Kua Harn Wei took a total of 156hr 48min 43sec to complete the Deca-Iron Triathlon World Challenge in Mexico.

Singaporean Kua Harn Wei will tell you otherwise.

The National University of Singapore lecturer, 35, covered that distance at the Deca-Iron Triathlon World Challenge in Monterrey, Mexico, last week.

The event was organised by Multisport Andonie, a Mexican company specialising in ultra-distance events.

Starting last Monday, Kua completed one Ironman triathlon - a 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride and 42.195km run - every day. He did it for 10 straight days.

Competitors had to swim 76 laps in an indoor heated pool, cycle 93 laps of a paved circuit, and run 22 laps of that same circuit within 24 hours.

Once completed, the remainder of the day was free. But each day at 9am, a new round would be flagged off.

Of the 17 athletes who started, only nine - eight men and a woman - managed to finish all 10 races.

Kua is the first Asian to complete the challenge.

The 2006 Singapore Youth Award winner averaged 15hr 40min 12sec for each Ironman. He won the final leg in 13:16.33.

His total time for the 10 races was 156hr 48min 43sec.

The overall results were not available at press time.

Kua, who took part in his first Olympic distance triathlon (1.5km swim, 40km ride, 10km run) in 1992, has also competed in the Ironman and Double Ironman distances.

Last year, he was ninth at the Quintuple Ironman World Championships in Mexico.

His latest feat has left Triathlon Association of Singapore president David Hoong in awe.

'It's beyond the human body. I can't believe he did it,' he said.

Parliamentary Secretary for Community Development, Youth and Sports Teo Ser Luck, a three-time Ironman, added: 'Singaporeans should take this as an example of someone who always sets the bar higher for himself.'

Kua could not be contacted.

So do u think I'll attempt a crazy feat like that in the future?
Neh...dun think so :P
Of course things might change in the future...after all I never thought I would attempt...much less complete...a full marathon...up till my undergraduate days :P


Renohtaram said...

i think u might just do it ;)

penguin said...

thanx for that faith in me...but as of now...I seriously dun think I'll subject myself to that kind of training and torture..haha