Sunday, December 11, 2005

Action-packed weekend

Phew...wat a busy weekend I had...

It all started with a pretty boring week though :P

Mon was staying home all day with aches all over the legs and strain on both feet...oh ya...forgot abt work at TBR in the evening :P

Tue was wasting time in school...oh...and dinner with Angel at Cafe Cartel...yummy

Wed was my BIRTYHDAY!!! but guess wat I did...waste time again in school then went for tennis training in the evening :P
At night, had a surprised mini celebration with my housemates...with a mini log cake...and the most mini tigger I now I got 3 tiggers ;)
Thanx, housemates :D

Big Tigger = Tigger, Medium Tigger = Mini-Me, Small Tigger = ???

Thur...finally did some work at home...then went for the S'pore International Chemistry Conference at Shangri-La Hotel for a short while...then met up with the Sgrunners for a post-marathon gathering at was a great gathering with abt 30 ppl turning up!!!
Thanx to DO for the mini birthday cake, DreamRunner for the yummy Venezuala Bitter choc, tiwazz for the laksa (all the way from IMM!!), meteor and alvo for that cute little penguin (hmm...wat shall i name it? penguin jr jr??!!) and last but definitely not least...ultraman for the yummy main course of satay and sotong!! :D

Then the start of the action-packed weekend...

Went for the Waterfront tournament at S'pore American School (SAS)...all the way at Woodlands on's a really big school...damn cool place too...they have a Subway in there...and ppl there are really friendly :D
It rained when we we all went for bfast at their cafeteria...met this chemistry teacher that actually invited us to attend his class if we were bored since we had to wait for the rain to stop...haha...damn funny :D
Anyway, we played against NTU in the morning...and SAS in the afternoon...I partnered Chen Mei for both match...hehe...Ms Liaw and Ms Leow :D
Overall we won both ties...
Sat we played against SMU and UWC...I wasn't there though...not sure how it went...but we probably won all the matches ;)

I left for work at AMK after the afternoon's match on Fri...wah...that branch is so out of the way from the bus-stop and MRT station...which happened to be great for me since I was pretty free the whole night...hehe...

Sat...woke up superbly early in the many times have I been doing that...wake up early on a weekend :P
This time it's to get to Changi Ferry Terminal...for the St Andrew Autism Center charity ride with the S'pore Women's Cycling Team....more on the ride here

I'll probably write more on the ride another day...but in summary...wat we did was...
Day 1 (Sat): cycled abt 160km...from Tg Belungkor Ferry Terminal to Sedili, then back to the Golden Beach Hotel at Desaru...with 2 makan break and 1 water break...and finally a yummy buffet bbq dinner and zzzz
Day 2 (Sun): slept late...had bfast at the hotel...had lunch at the golf club (yup it was just 2 hours apart)...zzz again...then cycled another 35km from the hotel to the ferry terminal...had Ramli burger...then it's back to S'pore

I din exactly cycled 160km on the first day though...but I was on the bike for 160km...hehe :P
Had a nice push from the boys on the support motorcycle a few times (totals up to at least 20-30km)...hehe...I went as fast as 5okm/h at times!!!

So for the 2 days I cycled at least 160km :D

Thanx to Nur and Jeannie for organizing such a great ride!!
Also special thanx to Nur for always riding with me even though I'm so SLOW :D Jeannie and Fida were also frequently there with me...thanx a million, gals!!!
And how can I forget the photographer (dun call hime cameraman, k :P)...Ryan for always there to take photo of us...and cheer us on ;)
Also gotta thank Athena and Raymond? (did I get the name right?) for helping me get a cab after we got to Changi Village :D
Finally...thanx to all for the company :D

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