Sunday, September 25, 2005

Some race results

Din have time to post my results previously...
anyway, here they are...

Army Half Marathon

Bib no: B3037
Gun time: 2:07:58.21
Net time: 2:07:20.04
Position based on gun time (for Women's Closed): 38 out of 181 that are ranked

Stats based on net time...(range; median; my position)
Women's Closed... (1:34:30.20-4:08:18.95; 2:21:04.96; 41 out of 188)
Women's Open... (1:29:37.69-3:55:53.88; 2:24:47.94; 49 out of 225)
Combined Women's Open and Closed... (1:29:37.69-4:08:18.952:22:34.55; 89 out of 413)

Desaru International Triathlon

Bib no: 913
Team name: SCDF (hehe...suddenly I'm from SCDF??)
Swim time: 37:06 (sure or watch says abt 45 mins leh)
Bike time: 2:59:05 (this is Uncle Jo's time)
Run time: 1:36:28 (this is TLR's time)
Overall time: 5:12:39
Overall position: 6 out of 22 that were ranked

Stats...(range; median; position)
Swim time... (25:25-43:33; 37:22; 11) Hmm...I'm just ard the median...slow sia...but competing with guys too maybe not so bad ;P
Bike time... (2:31:41-4:07:21; 3:10:46; 8) Wah...uncle Jo's bike time damn good...considering he cramped in his last time must go get extra isotonic drink for him when he comes back each round!!!
Run time... (1:19:21-2:14:59; 1:55:19; 4) TLR...u r the 4th fastest runner for our category!!! No wonder we came in 6th...u must have overtook quite a number of ppl!!!


tiwazz said...

harlo penguin...

enjoy ur sri lanka trip to save
the turtles...
dont slack too much hor..


penguin said...

go sri lanka to save turtle also can get suan for slacking...jialat :P