Saturday, June 11, 2005

Sea sports camp 2005

Back from the sea sports camp at PA East Coast Sea Sports Club!!! with my exposed skin nicely barbequed to a nice tan brown ;) and all the little muscles on my arms aching so much I had a hard time opening a canned drink!!!

The camp was fun though!!

Except that it was a bit boring on the first day...for my group...
Started with some crappy ice breaker games...had lunch...then took a bus to West Coast for our sailing session...but guess's at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club so we had to go in in groups while the rest wait at the park outside!!! Anyway, we ended up in McDonalds for a drink...then some of us (Patricia, Charissa, Dawn and I) decided to go play at the playground...which was filled with kids...hehe...dun care...just push them aside ;p

At the playground...(clockwise)
Charissa pushing Patricia on the swing...hehe..dun care abt the kids
Me on the swing...check out the no. of kids ard us
Dawn on the pyramid...taken from the top of the pyramid ;)
Charissa on the sliding thing...feels like on a skate board

After that, we joined the others for a game of ultimate frisbee...the "darks" totally beat the "lights"!!!
When it was finally my groups (4th grp out of 5) turn to sail, we went in and spent only abt 45 mins in the least we had a nice shower at their changing room ;)
That night we had plenty of chill out time with nothing much to do, other than playing twister...a number of us ended up squeezing in a van to McDonald's...

Twister wrestling?? Charissa and I trying to get each other out of the mat...

Check out how we squeezed abt 12 ppl and a penguin at the back of the van to get to McDonald's

Supper at McDonald's...

Where I slept...nice and comfortable ;)

Day 2 was great!!! Had our wakeboarding and windsurfing session :)
Woke up early to get to Punggol Marina for our wakeboarding session...slept throughout the bus ride there...
We're split into groups of 5 to an instructor and we took a powerboat out...
I was the first person to try out...had a hard time standing up on the arm was so nua after that...
Only Wenjie managed to wakeboard during the first round...he's good...he even waved to us ;)
The second round was much better...most of us managed to wakeboard for some time...yay ;)

Me wakeboarding...(clockwise)
Getting into the water with the wakeboard on
Simulating how I shld get out of the water when the powerboat moves
Trying to get up...still in the squatting position
I'm up...not a good shot...but the only taken with me standing up

Wenjie wakeboarding with one hand...waving with the other!!!

Alvin...our instructor...showing us a trick ;)

After wakeboarding we went back to ECP, had lunch, then it was our windsurfing session...we're split into 2 grps where one of the grp just chilled out first...most of us just slept ;)
Windsurfing was difficult...esp when it was a windy as it was that day!!! Most of us only managed to stand on the board in the surfing position...with the help of the instructor!!! Oh well...maybe I shall try again next time...

Jaclyn surfing on the simulator

Me trying to stand on the surf board...the wind was so strong, the rig felt super heavy!!! Luckily, Adrian, our instructor, is there to help ;)

That night we took plenty of grp photos...

Group photos...(clockwise)
Group C
Group C with facilitators
Group C2
Group C2...taken with camera on the ground

For dinner, we had a bbq...with chicken wings, sausages, nuggets, satays, sweet potatoes, corns, fishballs, stingrays and prawns!!! Wow...
After the bbq, there was a movie screening...Shutters!!!

Decided to leave after the bbq as I wanted to attend the pharmacist training at Unity the next morning...gave canoeing a skip as my arms are already aching and I need to prepare for ATC on Sun!!! My partner is gg to have to do all the rowing then...I think...hehe ;)
Cycled all the way from ECP back to my place at 10 plus at night...took slightly more than an hour...I'm now ready for ATC...hehe ;)


sousuke said...

hey, mark here.. i know you already posted your pics, but could you zip them all up and send it to me by msn or via email? click-saving is quite mah fan for so many pics =)

davina =D said...


thanks for all e pics and fun during the camp...

nice entry. ;)

happy adventuring some more with mista penguin!! hehehe

Anonymous said...

oh golly!
nex to my name was suppoz to be a smiley like this =D!!!

arghhhhhh. oh well.