Friday, October 28, 2005

To do list

Wat do I have to do this week and next...

1) Prepare to present my QSAR findings to my supervisors...meeting on 2nd Nov

2) Write report for my 3rd and last lab rotation on MTT assay...due 5th Nov

3) Finish up my written review of my advanced organic synthesis assignment...due 7th Nov

4) Work, work, work, work, work, work...on 29 Oct (morning - HLC, afternoon - HBF), 30 Oct (MPR), 2 Nov (HLC), 4 Nov (ESP), 5 Nov (morning - WCC, night - MPR) my boss so desperate...give me so many assignments!!!

5) Run, swim, cycle or play tennis...hmm...


oysterix said...

Hehe....somebody ask me to do locum too at Unity when I am back in Dec...hehe...hmm, would be really crazy if I work during my holidays yah?

Have you worked at the new Serangoon Central branch?

penguin said...

haha...u can locum meh...ur license still valid? hehe

haven't been to serangoon central...rarely work in one shift shop now as i can only work after 6pm on weekdays or on weekends only :P

Come lah...we volunteer to work on christmas day!! haha

oysterix said...

Wah we no life!!?? hahaha