Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Overheard the following conversation on the bus this evening...

A: I slept too much till I have a headache...end up have to sleep somemore to get rid of the headache...after taking panadol
B: U take panadol..shldn't take too much u know?
A: Ya I know.
B: I dun take panadol for more than a year now...instead I take paracetamol...milder version of Panadol.

WAT? When did Panadol become stronger than paracetamol??!!!

A: No. Panadol is paracetamol. Paracetamol is just the generic name. It's the same thing.
B: Oh, is it?

Phew...Thank god A knows his meds better...

A: So why do u think we shouldn't take panadol too much?
B: (lost for words)
A: Anyway, I also think we shldn't take this meds too much 'cos we may develop 'resistance' to the med...
B: Oh ya lor...I think all meds also like that
A: No lah..not all lah...some like ultracarbon..(explained wat ultracarbon is)..u dun really get resistance to it 'cos there's no chemical rxn with ur body..
B: ahhh..

Hmm...interesting...wonder if our body will truly develop tolerance to panadol..but A's example of ultracarbon is good...the drug works by physical means i.e. adsorption of gas/toxin on the activated charcoal ;)

Anyway, heng B got a fren like A...otherwise jialat ;p

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