Friday, July 22, 2005

Back in Singapore

I'm back in S' fast hor?

Anyway, just wanna make Oyster drool more...shall mention wat I had in Penang for the last 2 days ;)

Bfast...still tim sum for both days...all at different places of course!!

Wed's lunch was chicken rice, loh bak (again!) and satay!!!
...and dinner was rice with curry fish head, fishball soup, vege, and stir fried pork with five spices?...something new...

Yesterday's lunch was plain porridge with many stuff...including this super yummy catfish ;)
...and dinner was rice with steamed fish (siamese style), pork with yam and lotus root soup *drool*

Now that I'm back in S'pore...meals are not so exciting anymore :P
But I dun just eat, sleep, watch tv and surf net...I cycled to SGH to pick up PENGUIN!!! penguin is back with me...apparently he drank a lot in Europe...gotta send him to AA liao ;P


Muggs said...

oh no, dim sum is my weakness... Craving for it now

penguin said...

hehe...come penang...can get plenty of tim and good!!! ;)