Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Export sales day

Worked at Unity HBF (Harbourfront) today..quite a nice place ;D

The pharmacist here left me a nice little note to let me know wat to do and how to contact him ;)

First thing I did was top-up the telepharmacy items...nothing much to top-up actually...guess it's the telepharmacy just started this month and a lot of ppl are not aware of this service yet...or maybe the competitior's shop has a pharmacist ard til 10pm so they rather go there??

Next I helped key in the Form E...nothing much...just a few items arrived today...and one of them was sold off within a few hours...gotta order again...sighz...how come I'm doing all this things? thought I'm just a locum...do nothing one *lol*

After that it's mostly serving the customers...but one thing diff abt this place is there're a lot of export sales because of all the ships leaving from here...haven't done any export sales in the past one plus month I worked...even when I was at RFC...but today I had 3!!! Not a lot of export sales for HBF but it's a lot for me!!! 0 to 3 is an infinte jump :p
Then, quite a number of items were sold out and I had to order from the supplier again...so many things I usually dun do at other shops...overwhelming me :0

Then another customer came by with a prescription for a drug that none of the other outlets seem to keep...why? why?!!! In the end, have to order from supplier...luckily JRP is willing to take the balance that I have ordered...the pharmacist here also dun wanna keep that drug :p

Hmm...looks like I'm getting busier at the pharmacy lately...last nite at HLC (Hougang Mall), I was rather busy too...by locum standard...in other words...slackers' standard :p
Wat happened to all the peaceful outlets...why dun I get those anymore?!!! Oh well...

Tomorrow I'm gg to Sentosa to try out part of the Real Run route with Jayce before work...so excited!!! After work, maybe dinner with Jayce if she can make it...if not, I'll be off to Queenstown swimming complex for underwater hockey...heard a team of Filipinos will be there this week!!! :D

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